The EVOC Academy


EVOC  Operator

This is a 16 hour course of instruction that meets or exceeds State of Florida, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requirements for Emergency Vehicle Operators certification.

Course includes lectures and practical operation exercises that cover the following topics:

1. Legal aspects of emergency vehicle operators.

2. Selecting routes and reporting emergency operation.

3. Defensive Driving

4. Accident Avoidance

5. Vehicle Control

6. Safety Checks and Preventive Maintenance

7. Braking

8. Backing

9. Slalom

10. Steering Techniques

11. Negotiating Turns

Course Tuition: $139


1) Register for your online training course. You will receive a receipt when you register.

2) The Monday before your class you will receive an email with all the information you need to complete your course. This includes an online assignment that must be completed during the week prior to your class.

3) The online assignment is completed at your own pace. It is not a classroom assignment, we do not do it in person, there is no zoom meeting or webinar. It is all completed on your schedule, but it must be completed prior to your driving skills assessment. You w

4) Attend and complete your driving skills assessment.


Tampa, Florida Classes

October 28, 2023
EVOC Operator Class
Tampa, Florida


November 18, 2023
EVOC Operator Class
Tampa, Florida


December 16, 2023
EVOC Operator Class
Tampa, Florida





Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Classes

October 7, 2023
EVOC Operator Class
Margate, Florida






Orlando, Florida Classes


October 8, 2023
EVOC Operator Class
Orlando, Florida




Don't see a course in your area? If you have a group of 15 or more, E-mail the training department, give us your location and that you desire to take the EVOC training, and we will work on scheduling a class in your area.
An EVOC course can be hosted at your location. The course is 16 hours and typically held on weekends. Alternative training schedules are available based on your training needs. Please EMAILthe Training Department for additional information or to schedule a course.